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Eriksberg in the 1970's

Birgittas trädgård is located at Eriksberg, a small 1.7 hectare (ha) property in Södermanland and close to the town of Nyköping. Here, we (Alexander and Courtney) grow vegetables organically for our local community with the aim of maintaining diverse and productive land in Sweden for future generations.

​Tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land in Sweden is deemed so overgrown or bogged that it cannot be farmed without first removing trees and/or draining the soil. In addition, hundreds of thousands of hectares has been taken out of cultivation but can still be transitioned back to productive farmland.

We need open fields and meadows to increase biodiversity and produce food locally in Sweden.


With the above in mind, we took over 'Eriksberg', a 1.7 ha property that has become very overgrown with shrubs and that has now partly turned back to forest. For a while now, we have been planning how to return the property into a thriving and productive piece of land. In doing this, we are committed to making local and seasonal produce available in Södermanland and ensuring that Eriksberg does not become just another fading memory of farming days in the Swedish countryside.


Our overall aim is to regenerate and preserve the productivity of this land for future generations.

We use our body and simple hand-tools to grow produce for our local community in 'Birgittas trädgård'. It’s hard work but with the right skills and training, it’s a rewarding occupation in a beautiful context. And we think that there are plenty of people out there who might like to join us in future.

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